U-BOOT 1945 Steam PC Game Download

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Commanding a submarine U-boot IIVc, get through the hostile dangerous waters full of traps, to the friendly shores.

Steam Description:

The 1945 year. Germany was crushed, all submarines ordered to return to the ports. But to return is equally – surrender and be taken, prisoner. You command one of the boats like u-boot VIIc and decide to sail to the shores of neutral countries to save your boat and crew. But there are many dangers on the way – minefields, magnetic mines, signal buoys, deep-bombed boats, patrolling convoys and other dangers. But freedom is not given at a simple price.


  • stylized pleasant graphics, immersive in the atmosphere of those times
  • strong, and at the same time relaxing melancholic soundtrack
  • the gameplay of increased complexity

Steam Download:

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