Fancy Skiing 2: Online Steam PC Game Download

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The “Fancy Skiing II: Online” is finally coming! An enhanced edition for the previous game “Fancy Skiing VR”, with two new modes– “platform jumping” mode && multi-player mode added. New skateboards and snowshoes are available on the shop, bringing brand new experiences.

Steam Description:

Here comes the widely-anticipated “FancySkiingII: Online”! In addition to the endless mode of the previous version, we’ve added an awesome jumping mode and a thrilling multiplayer mode to the new version.
Our players will surely have much more fun! Multiple choices of new skateboards and snowshoes will bring players with different experiences and excitement while playing.

The new version has three different modes that provide players with three different ways to play:
Endless mode: Players can enjoy sliding in a never-ending scene; the game will end after colliding with obstacles for multiple times;
Multiplayer mode: Players can challenge friends and have fierce competition with other players from all over the world;
Jumping mode: players can experience thrills and excitement by jumping from one platform to another.

Steam Download:

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