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Lynne Steam PC Game Download

Lynne is a short story about the scariest thing in the world – being a teenager.

Steam Description:

Fifteen-year-old Lynn has never had the easiest life, but things have become even worse thanks to her upcoming GCSEs. Her parents are always arguing, her big sister is pregnant, and Lynn is terrified that, come exam time, she’ll fail everything and disappoint her entire family.

To make matters worse, Lynn’s been suffering from recurring bad dreams that are cryptic, unsettling, and often violent. Curiously enough, these dreams often revolve around a girl from her school called Lynne, who looks so similar to Lynn it’s almost unsettling.

As Lynn’s interest in Lynne begins to border on obsession, Lynn’s grasp on reality begins to grow more and more tenuous.

Will Lynn be able to pass her exams – or will her own fears and anxieties consume her?

  • Around 20,000 words of text
  • 1-2 hours of reading
  • A kinetic story, with no choices/branches
  • 800×600 display
  • An original soundtrack
  • Suffering!

Steam Download:

Developer: ebi-hime
Price: 0
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