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The Entity Steam PC Game Download

You’re Jack, a man that recently moved into his deceased grandmothers house. He wakes up at 3 am to hear strange noises around the house, he remembers hearing them when he was younger. His grandmother always told him it was just the pipes, he’s not too sure anymore.

Steam Description:

  • The Entity is a horror house styled game. You have to go through the house finding clues that your grandma left you years ago about the strange creatures. Make sure to keep an eye out for the keys as some can be quite hidden, the keys and clues all glow slightly (clues more so).
  • We didn’t just want The Entity to be another jump-scare horror game so we have tried our best to find better ways to scare as well as having jump scares. When looking through the breathtaking house make sure to keep an eye on your generator power as if that gets empty you’re in for some pain. Charging your phone to be able to use its light will drain the generator power very fast if you keep doing it, but also having many lights on at once will have the same effect. The Entity has three different and completely unique endings for you to explore depending on what you go through the game.
  • The Entity has partial controller support (you will need keyboard/mouse for menus) and we currently support five languages, English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Polish, German and Russian. If there is a demand to add any more languages we will add them.

We hope You will enjoy playing The Entity.
We also plan on having trading cards but currently, we are not eligible.


Steam Download:

The Entity
The Entity
Developer: Ragdoll Inc
Price: $ 4.99