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Apostasy Steam PC Game Download

The Shadow Temple has fallen and needs the aid of the other Temples. Play as various female characters from Elemental Temples to defeat Umbra, an ancient Masked One who seized the Shadow Temple from its depths.

Steam Description:

The Shadow Temple has been invaded by masked horrors from its depths. The other Temples have answered a call for aid.

A powerful entity that calls herself Umbra has seized control of the Temple.


-Five playable characters!
-Each character has a unique fighting style and movelist!
-Each movelist consists of 15-18 unique attacks!
-Interact with NPCs through dialogue trees, be nice, rude, or neutral!
-Collect artifacts that give your character various stat buffs!
-Timed attacks that activate when properly executing an input during a small timing window!
-Combo system that allows you to fight enemies with tactics!
-Each character has different health, move speed, range, etc!
-Mana system used for special attacks/abilities!
-Unnecessarily thick playable characters!

This game was made by one person, but any bugs/major issues will be addressed, including balance issues.

If something happens let me know and be very specific with what occurred if anything did.

Steam Download:

Developer: Damnskulls
Price: 0