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跳跃2/LeapII Steam PC Game Download

The scroll of Temple has been stolen, casual worker Ming vow to get it back.

Steam Description:

LeapII is an action+Roguelite game that may give you unique experience. In the game, the player needs to recognize the enemy’s skills and counter it with high damage to the enemy. Use traps and obstacles to hit the enemy, not yourself. Get loot before the enemy getting them. Player only need three buttons, left, right, and leap, but can combine several skills with different input time. At the same time, these skills can be combined with various upgrades and character attributes to enable players to have a different experience.

· The control key of the game is only left, right and jump, but can combine several skills with different input time.
· Upper skills(Yellow) counter middle skills(Blue) counter low skills(Green) counter Upper skills(Yellow)。Counter cause high damage.
· Counter + Continuous attack = Tons Of Damage.
· Upgrade, achievements, items, can enhance the player’s ability.
· Bombs, traps, and obstacles can cause damage to the player, as well as damage to the enemy.
· Players can pick up items, and the enemy can pick up items too.
· 4 Scenes with different characteristics and special enemies.
· 10+ unique enemies, 4 BOSS.
· BOSS team battle, the more difficulty the higher rewards.
· Day and night, affect difficulty and rewards.
· Defeat the enemy without being hit will greatly improve the attributes.

Ming “the Temporary Worker” is the keeper of the temple’s vault. Because of his negligence, the Kung Fu scroll was stolen. Bowing to the abbot’s pressure, he had to step on the path of chasing the thief.

Steam Download:

Developer: ChiHeBang Studio
Price: $ 3.99